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Ελληνική έκδοση

P r o j e c t s  -  S t u d i e s

Conventional Surveying & Geodetic Surveying Steak - Outs for constructions Aerial photography interpretation & processing
Plans of cities & villages Coastline & sea-shore zone Depth measuring, Depth maps

From the plethora of private and public works, soundings and bottom maps that we produced, listed a few works of large-scale:

Bathymetric mapping zone from Agios Konstantinos to Gkrounter Samos (length 4000 m, 40 Ha)

Imprinting basin port of the port Evdilos Ikaria (20 Ha)

Bathymetric mapping in the area Galazio of Samos (10 Ha)

Bathymetric mapping in the area Furnus of Furni (length 1000m, 50 Ha)