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Our firm operating in Samos since 1987, is engaged in developing business with objects of Rural and Surveying Engineering, as summarized below:

Diagrams of geometric changes (Cadastral project) γιά :

  • modification of parcels (purchases-sales, partitions, mergers, demarcations, etc.)

  • initiation of territorial claims

Interpretation of aerial photographs, export the measurement data and/or maps from aerial photographs, (for use in court cases, forest inspection, Hellenic Public Real Estate Corporation, urban planning,...)


Expertises ordered by the court

Technical Consulting (technical advisor in legal cases, monitoring of progress - objections to the phases of application acts -city's plan amendment)


Work related to city plans such as:

  • Modification of city plans

  • Implementing acts (settlement, actuarialization, support of procedures at all stages)

  • Technical reports for the establishment of street and building lines

Usual topographical impressions including:

  • Development of topographic-hypsometric-cadastral diagrams for individual properties and wider areas

  • Intergration in the government's trigonometric network (GGRS87 or ΕΓΣΑ 87), for plots or properties

  • Triangulations, densification of trigonometric network, adjusting networks

Engravings - Delimitations for individual properties or larger areas and constructions

Pension topographical charts to determine and/or modify coastline and beach's line